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  • Our experience covers the entire range of technologies spanning your enterprise needs; from the legacy to the cutting-edge. We offer innovative IT solutions combined with quick, cost-effective production. Our consulting services keep your projects on track and our made-to-order software solutions will always match your specifications.
    Transcend Global's technology strategy aims at enabling an agile organization. It is based on the premise that the architecture, infrastructure, information and processes are the building blocks of an agile enterprise trying to transform itself. Infosys has a keen focus on leveraging emerging technologies through ongoing research through Centers of Excellence , and through alliances with best-of-breed technology vendors.
    Alliance is the key to leveraging emerging technologies to come up with creative solutions. Our team works closely with your team. We design solutions that deliver immediate and long-term benefits. We make every effort to leverage existing assets and infrastructure. Our alliance with top notch technology vebdors, international partners, and a competent staff
    of consultants and engineers, we offer the best possible products and services based on specialized technical knowledge, solid business experience, and a global perspective.
    Depending on your needs, we can provide a full project team or a multifaceted professional. Based on your requirements, we can locate our consultants onsite, offsite, or offshore. You can work with the project leads or the consultants while we take care of the other resources–saving you time and money. Our consultants are a league of competent professionals sourced by our qualified technical recruiters and are assets of the company. We undertake a thorough search process wherein we identify, screen, and select the best fit candidates. By virtue of our active database, turnaround time is minimized, and candidates are ready to interview within 24 hours of your request.
    Our solution offerings are built on the latest proven and accepted technologies, to produce reliable solutions. Bring us in as consultants to get you running, and then keep us on to keep things running smooth. You may even consider outsourcing entire projects or maintenance requirements to Minecode, to optimize your bottom line. Tell us what you want and we'll build it to your specifications.
    IT Planning Assistance - Our goal is to provide the best possible solution, in the time allotted, and which meets your budget criteria.
    Mobile market expertise - Our target audience includes iTunes market (iPhone, iTouch and iPad devices), Android market (Phone/tablets) and Amazon market (Kindle fire tablet). We use both mobile web app frameworks and native framework for publishing our apps. We also offer turnkey solution to deliver mobile apps starting from wire framing/design/development/testing on multiple devices. Mobile app development offer unique challenges in terms of complexity, variation in device capabilities and ever changing technical capabilities of underlying operating systems. Our team assist clients by offering unique capabilities for each mobile platform.
    The Outsourcing Advantage - Outsourcing is a practical way to manage variable resource requirements. Virtual project teams cut your costs and speed up your development cycle, which also allows you to manage your in-house IT staff more effectively. We are structured to address outsourcing needs on a local or global scale, depending on your needs.

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